How does Green Forest help the environment?

When you use Green Forest 100% recycled paper products,
you save trees, energy, water, landfill space, wildlife habitat and more.
Best of all, you help maintain a better world for you and your children!

  • Made from 100% recycled paper
    We make Green Forest entirely from recycled paper, not from the trees in our forests. To learn more about how many trees Green Forest saves each year, click here. Using recycled paper to make tissue measurably saves energy and resources.

  • Contains minimum 90% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content
    PCR is paper recycled from homes and offices that otherwise would clog our landfills or be burned in waste incinerators. Green Forest has the highest PCR content among widely distributed green brands of household paper products (see the Greenpeace "Recycled Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide").

  • Whitened without using chlorine
    Green Forest products are whitened without chlorine bleach. The use of chlorine can release dangerous toxins into the environment, toxins that have been linked to cancers and other health problems. In addition, paper mills that use chlorine to whiten their paper often use significantly more water during the manufacturing process. Green Forest paper is Processed Chlorine Free ("PCF").

  • Safe for use in septic systems
    Recycled paper has shorter fibers than virgin (non-recycled) paper products. Because of this,
    Green Forest recycled paper degrades and breaks apart faster in septic systems and pipes, which reduces the chances of clogging.

Green Forest - More than just the tissue is recycled!

  • Cardboard cores and packaging
    The cores of Green Forest bathroom tissue and paper towel rolls are made from 100% recycled cardboard, with 75% PCR content. Green Forest facial tissue boxes are made from 75% recycled cardboard, with 65% PCR content. The cores and tissue boxes can also be recycled after use.

  • Exterior consumer packaging
    The exterior consumer packaging of Green Forest bathroom tissue, paper towels and paper napkins is made from LDPE #4 (low density polyethylene). This packaging is completely recyclable and may be recycled at a facility that recycles soft plastics, such as plastic grocery store bags.

Why is recycling important?
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