Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is the difference between PCR and non-PCR content?

"Post-consumer" recycled content (PCR) refers to paper that has already been used in homes and offices, and that was recycled in a residential or commercial recycling program rather than disposed of in a landfill as waste. A minimum of 90% of the paper used in Green Forest products comes from these sources. The remaining content in our products comes from excess and scrap paper from normal manufacturing processes. Examples of this type of paper are: scrap trimmed off from the ends of paper rolls, left-over paper pieces when irregular shapes are cut out of larger paper sheets, and newspaper ad flyers that are printed, but never distributed to consumers because of mis-prints or over supply. Instead of throwing all of this excess and scrap paper away in the landfill, this paper is recycled just like PCR is recycled. The only difference is that the paper from manufacturing processes is referred to as "pre-consumer" content because this paper never reaches your home or office.

Q:Are recycled tissue products rougher than virgin tissue products?

Tissue and other paper products that are made from virgin sources have fibers that are relatively long. When paper is recycled and re-pulped, the fibers are broken down and become shorter, which can make the resulting tissue seem rougher. All 100% recycled tissue products are faced with the challenge of using shorter fibers. To compensate for this, Green Forest uses special techniques during the recycling and manufacturing processes. These special techniques make Green Forest one of the softest brands of 100% recycled tissue products among environmentally friendly brands. We are also continually researching new ways to make our tissue even softer. We hope you enjoy and can feel the difference with Green Forest 100% recycled tissue products!

Q:How are Green Forest products whitened?

The recycled fiber used in our paper is extremely clean, so whitening is not always needed. Hydrogen peroxide is used for whitening only as required on a batch-by-batch basis. Thus, there is no chlorine or any chlorine compounds added during our manufacturing process. This qualifies Green Forest products as "Processed Chlorine Free" (PCF).