Paper Napkins - New, More Compact Packaging

Green Forest 100% Recycled Luncheon Napkins

As is the case with many consumer products, the trend nowadays is to reduce your carbon footprint. This means designing more compact packaging so it uses less material and is more efficient to ship. Paper napkins are no different. That is why we have introduced a new package for our Green Forest Luncheon Napkins. The new packaging has a smaller environmental footprint, but napkin quality and the number of napkins per package remains the same.

While our type #4 plastic wrap packaging is recyclable where facilities exist, using less plastic to start with is environmentally preferable. Also, a loosely packed package of napkins contains a considerable amount of air and it just doesn't make much sense to be shipping air all over the place. So instead of a relatively large package with extra plastic, we have switched to a more densely packed, smaller package. The number of napkins in the new package remains the same, as does the size of the individual napkins. Look for the smaller, more compact napkin packages in stores soon.

We recognize one of the trade-offs with the new, more compact packaging is that it does not have a plastic bread clip for convenient re-closeability. Most of you will likely have other methods for closing the new napkin packages, however if you still prefer the bread clip style packaging, don't worry. We have saved some of the former napkin packages and would be happy to send you a replacement bag to use. Just contact us with your name and mailing address, and ask for a replacement bread-clip napkin package.

We hope you appreciate the new packaging!